richard thornton sculpture


Professor Jim Hunter, best describes Richard’s work -

‘Sculpture is the embodiment of an idea or ideal in material, three-dimensional form. The materiality is inseparable to the expression and understanding of the idea, and the physicality of the three dimensional form is both the subject and the object of the sculptor’s creative intentions. Richard Thornton’s sculptures manifest these critical ideals in their honesty to the means and materials of their making. His sculptures are constructions: the elements of their form are joined and built together to construct the three dimensional realisation of the form. The material is usually stainless steel: cut, shaped, welded and riveted as elements of the whole. And, importantly, polished: polished so that the surrounding light and colour is reflected and becomes a part of the sculpture.’

In both his public, commissioned work and in his exploration of themes and materials through smaller-scale collections Richard creates beautiful pieces to enjoy and savour.

As a public sculptor he has gained considerable experience of project management and consultancy; is used to working with communities and multi-disciplinary project teams to achieve positive outcomes and has developed resources, skills and a small team to ensure that his ideas are achieved. Richard has experience of teaching on several degree courses and was resident Sculpture Fellow for 2 years at the University of the South West.

He has considerable experience of Public Art projects, which seek to have an impact within a total development whether in the context of ‘regeneration’ or ‘new build’and acted as lead artist/project manager for the Schools Transform Project, for the major re-development of the Bastwell Housing area for Blackburn and for the Watermead Housing development at Thurmaston in Leicester.

Increasingly, Richard applies the skills and techniques he has honed as a public sculptor to produce collections of smaller-scale sculptures for gallery and domestic spaces, he says that, ‘sculpture is simply what I do and what I am’ - his unique works are the embodiment of his philosophy.

Richard is an active member of The Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Richard Thornton Sculpture